Independent Animation Project

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Project Breakdown Structure

The following 3D characters are my Samurai and Monster models.
Software: Sculptris

After the mesh is retopo'd in 3D Coat software, the polygon face is reduced from over 2m to less than 50k. I also use 3D Coat to paint the texture.

So far the Monster has oceanic look with coral-style texture, and the costume design is given a bit military character. As for the Samurai, I tried to keep it as simple as possible, but still painted with a few details such as tattoo on the chest, scar on the face, 'cause he is supposed to be a senior veteran samurai who had survived many battles...

I plan to create a place containing the basic components such as temple, trees, etc. Architecture will be modeled in Maya, while the trees might be sculptured in Sculptris, then exported to Maya...There is also the sketch of my temple, which will be uploaded soon...

This is a wallpaper designed for my 3D short animation "Final Conquest" project, all done in Illustrator, so far it is still DRAFT...There will be 3 sizes for the final version: Widescreen, PC, IPhone.