Dionysus' Puzzle


Issue and Project:

Alcohol as sort of stimulant has long been the company of human being since ancient Greece. It can be attributed that human being as sort of creature shaped by the ideologies of society, has been domesticated by rationalism, so to seek the resistance and liberation is the driven force behind the addiction.

By using a metaphor, I want to draw attention on this dilemma -- alcohol can have either creative or destructive impact. A young man lives in a futural city where science rules everything, only the wine can unlock his hidden yearning, and resistance to the rational system. However, young man's adventure in wine could be a dangerous journey. Here the ancient Greek god of wine -- Dionysus symbolizes the anti-rational spirit. Ancient oriental artist represents the possible creativity which can be brought out by wine, on the contrary, ancient roman soldier indicates another destiny which is obviously destructive to young man.

As sort of experiment, I tried to enhance the dramatic dark feel in this digital film, although the issue itself is quite serious, I hope this piece could be both educative and entertaining.

Concept / Art Director / Digital Painting / Post-production: Sunny Huang

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